The Brokenwood Mysteries

  • How to survive in the town of Brokenwood

    Alex Casey investigates the best way to survive in the town of Brokenwood. Read more here:

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  • Nic Sampson talks DC Breen's rise through the ranks

    It has taken three years, but The Brokenwood Mysteries' Detective Constable Sam Breen is finally given a chance to shine this week. Read more here:

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  • Tim Balme's role behind the camera

    Tim Balme talks about his transition to behind the scenes on The Brokenwood Mysteries. Read more here:

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  • Murder becomes an obsession for The Brokenwood Mysteries stars

    The Brokenwood Mysteries stars, Fern Sutherland and Neill Rea discuss the fourth series of their hit murder mystery show.

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  • Louise Wallace talks about her role on The Brokenwood Mysteries

    Louise Wallace talks type-casting, maintaining dignity while on reality shows and her new role in The Brokenwood Mysteries.

    Read the full story here:

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries is coming to UK screens

    Nic Sampson (Detective Sam Breen) talks about what UK fans can expect from The Brokenwood Mysteries' arrival on UK screens.

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries confirmed for fourth series.

    Amateur sleuths will welcome the return of the classic Kiwi murder-mystery series The Brokenwood Mysteries on Prime. NZ On Air confirmed a fourth series will be funded in 2017.

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  • At My Place: Fern Sutherland

    Brokenwood star Fern Sutherland talks us through her favourite things in the Sydney apartment she currently calls home.

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  • Ido Drent returns to local TV in The Brokenwood Mysteries

    Following his departure from Shortland Street, the 29-year-old found success in Australian drama Offspring. Now he's back in New Zealand and set to guest star in The Brokenwood Mysteries in an episode titled The Killing Machine. Read More Here:

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  • Amanda Billing guest stars in The Brokenwood Mysteries

    In the two years since she left Shortland Street, Amanda Billing has continued to make her mark on television and on the stage. She talks to the TV Guide's Sarah Nealon about her new role on The Brokenwood Mysteries.

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries with Fern Sutherland

    Yahoo talked to Fern Sutherland, the very funny and charming star of The Brokenwood Mysteries, as the series returns for its third season.

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  • Why Nic Sampson is the hardest working man in NZ television

    Nic Sampson (Detective Sam Breen on The Brokenwood Mysteries) talks about series 3 of the show and his many other projects.

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries' stars surprised by international success

    The success or failure of a local television show is usually measured in ratings. If it pulls in an impressive number of Kiwi viewers, TV executives are happy and so are the advertisers.

    But what if your show is an unexpected hit on the other side of the world?

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 3 launches on Prime on Sunday, 30th October at 8:30pm.

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  • A third season of Brokenwood is confirmed for 2016

    NZ on Air today confirmed funding for a third series of The Brokenwood Mysteries (4 x 2 hour telefeatures) to screen on Prime TV in 2016.

    Click here to read the full release.

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  • Cristina Ionda talks Brokenwood

    She might be originally from Transylvania, but actress Cristina Ionda admits she actually faints at the sight of blood.

    It's a good thing then that they use only the fake stuff on Kiwi drama The Brokenwood Mysteries then, because otherwise the Romanian actress might have trouble playing Russian-born pathologist Gina Kadinsky.


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  • Brokenwood filming goes to the dogs

    Most actors believe children and animals are best to be avoided on stage or screen, but Mrianda Harcourt thinks the opposite.

    In her guest appearance on The Brokenwood Mysteries, Harcourt plays Paula Worthington, an amateur thespian starring in a local production of Hamlet who also has two dogs, aptly named Viola and Sebastian after the twins in the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night.


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  • Time for another mystery

    There can be few more enduring pleasures in TV watching than settling in and spending an evening solving a nice juicy murder. And the good news is we're at absolutely no risk of ever running out of them. Poor saps are forever meeting their untimely ends in Midsomer. Old Miss Marple's always got her beak in a case. And then there's Poirot, Frost, Morse. Murders never cease.

    The Brokenwood Mysteries, which returned to Prime for its second series last night, has carved out its own niche in the genre. Its first series, which screened last year, drew upon the abundance of essential murder mystery ingredients on offer here in New Zealand - small towns, eccentric locals, strange love triangles, petty infighting - and distilled them all into the fictionalised country town of Brokenwood.


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  • What's so great about The Brokenwood Mysteries

    When the TV Guide sits down with The Brokenwood Mysteries stars Fern Sutherland and Neill Rea, it is in a location that their characters would usually avoid.

    It is difficult to imagine Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd and Detective Kristin Sims sipping coffee at an inner-city Auckland cafe – they are more often out in the countryside around the small town of Brokenwood, getting their hands dirty and exposing the darkest secrets of the town's inhabitants.

    Rea and Sutherland have just wrapped filming of the crime drama's second season, which starts on Prime this week, and provides the detective duo with another four murders to solve.

    Read the rest of the story here.

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  • How Fern Sutherland is Breaking out of Brokenwood

    Fern Sutherland is earning her own international fan club with her small screen roles. As The Brokenwood Mysteries returns for a second season, she talks to Lydia Jenkin.

    Read the article here.

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  • New Plymouth actor and cop team up for murder mystery television show

    When Fern Sutherland got cast as a detective in a murder mystery show she asked an old school friend for insight into the world of crime fighting.

    Although she had never really talked about what it was like deal with the harsh realities of being in the police force, New Plymouth constable Catherine Preston agreed to lend a hand,


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  • Brokenwood wins at the New York Festivals

    The Brokenwood Mysteries has received a Bronze World Medal at the 2015 New York Festivals International Film & TV Awards.

    New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards, now in its 58th year, presented the awards at a gala which was held at the annual NAB Show on April 14th, 2015.  Entries were from more than 50 countries.

    The Bronze World Medal was awarded to the South Pacific Pictures series in the Drama category for 'Television - Regularly Scheduled Entertainment Program'.

    A second season of The Brokenwood Mysteries is currently in pre-production and will air on Prime TV in New Zealand later this year.  The show has to date been sold to a variety of territories including France, Denmark, USA and Australia.

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  • Season 2 of The Brokenwood Mysteries coming in 2015

    South Pacific Pictures will be producing a second season of The Brokenwood Mysteries in 2015.

    NZ on Air today confirmed funding for a second series of four 2-hour telefeatures which will screen on Prime TV in New Zealand.

    The new episodes will go into pre-production in March 2015 for an 11-week shoot which will commence in May.

    Series Producer Chris Bailey said: “We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to produce another series of The Brokenwood Mysteries for Prime. The network has been really supportive of this show and we also received terrific feedback from viewers who simply loved the series. We can’t wait to create a bunch more mysteries for Detectives Shepherd and Sims to solve next year.”

    The first series The Brokenwood Mysteries aired on Prime TV over four weeks in September and October of this year.

    The Brokenwood Mysteries season one DVD was released on December 11 and is available through all good retailers. The show’s official soundtrack, which features 2014 Silver Scroll winner Tami Neilson along with many other top Kiwi country, blues and alt rock artists, is available to purchase through iTunes.

    Read the full NZ on Air release here.

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries DVD out now

    Just in time for Xmas!

    Get yours from The Warehouse, JB Hi Fi or Mighty Ape!

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries soundtrack album now available!

    The Brokenwood Mysteries soundtrack album will be released on iTunes NZ on December 11, 2014. Click here to download your copy now!

    Featuring music from:

    • 2014 APRA Silver Scroll Winner Tami Neilson
    • Delaney Davidson
    • Barry Saunders
    • Mel Parsons
    • The Harbour Union

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  • The Brokenwood Mysteries delivers killer ratings for Prime



    Prime TV’s new local series The Brokenwood Mysteries charmed Kiwi viewers last night to give the channel its highest Sunday night rating in the 8.30pm timeslot all year.

    Nearly 200,000 viewers watched Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) and his off-sider Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland) solve the first suspicious death in Brokenwood last night – double Prime’s normal ratings in this time slot.

    Prime achieved a 13% share in the 5+ demographic, similar to the international blockbuster movie Prometheus on TV3 which also screened last night.

    Head of Prime Karen Bieleski was thrilled with the response.

    “It’s great to see our own local mystery perform so well, particularly when you consider that this slot has most recently been home to top international murder franchise Poirot,” she said.

    “We have had terrific feedback from critics and couldn’t be happier to see that local viewers are tuning in in their thousands. It’s a credit to everyone at South Pacific Pictures who have delivered a wonderfully watchable Kiwi mystery series and NZ on Air for supporting fresh new home-grown drama on Prime.”

    In the channel’s 25-54 demographic, The Brokenwood Mysteries rated a 3.2 TARP/10% share, again rating nearly double the 2014 average.

    Viewers not only voted with their remotes, but droves took to their social media accounts to comment on The Brokenwood Mysteries. Comments included: “Enjoyed it, beautifully shot & well-paced.”; “Surprisingly good NZ TV comeydrama”; “ loved it! will be eagerly waiting for next week”; and “Brilliant. Loved it. Homegrown masterpiece.”

    In next week’s episode of The Brokenwood Mysteries, “Sour Grapes”, it’s the annual Brokenwood Wine Show and Mike and Kristin find there’s more than just wine stored in the fermentation vats.

    The Brokenwood Mysteries, 8.30pm Sundays on Prime.

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  • Brokenwood Mysteries: A moment of sleuth

    It was Miss Scarlett, in the billiard room, with the candlestick.

    TimeOut wanted to find out whether Neill Rea and Fern Sutherland's roles in new murder mystery series The Brokenwood Mysteries had heightened their powers of deduction. So we challenged them to a game of Cluedo, the winner being the first to discover Miss Scarlett's misdeeds.


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