DC Daniel Chalmers 

D.C. Chalmers originally hails from Brokenwood but it was nearly 20 years ago. He left for the big smoke to pursue a social work career which eventually morphed into police work. He did quite a few years on the beat before choosing to become a ‘D’ therefore he’s come to detective work a little later in life.

Daniel is good natured, empathetic but doesn’t suffer fools easily. He’s happy to share a joke one minute and slap the cuffs on in the next. He’s also not afraid to do both at once. He acknowledges that being Detective Constable Daniel Chalmers weirdly makes him DC/DC so sometimes he prefers to be known as Awesome Constable - AC/DC – because he’s always found a little heavy rock is a good stress release after a day on the front lines of policing. That and Rachmaninoff’s Symphony in E minor – but he keeps that to himself. To be fair he likes most music – anything but country is fine.

Although a little older than the higher ranked Detective Kristin Sims, DC Chalmers has no problem with that. He’s happy to play rhythm guitar to her lead. She’s been around longer and knows the traps.