Leather & Lace. Episode 5

The Brokenwood Cheetahs are a local rugby team of legendary status. Their losing streak of 50 straight games has broken national records. So when their hapless coach, Arnie Langstone, is found dead - stripped naked and strapped to a goalpost - some think it might be blessing in disguise – perhaps now they might start winning again.

But amidst this DSS Mike Shepherd is perplexed by several other issues. Firstly, why was a pair of women’s underwear stuffed down Arnie’s throat? And what do the neatly embroidered initials ‘G.G.’ signify?

But then a second body is discovered and Mike and his team are stretched to the limit. Is this the work of a serial killer or merely a puzzling co-incidence?

Director: Mike Smith
Producer: Chris Bailey
Cast: DSS Mike Shepherd NEILL REA; Detective Kristin Sims FERN SUTHERLAND; Jared Morehu PANA HEMA-TAYLOR; DC Breen NIC SAMPSON; Dr Gina Kadinsky CRISTINA IONDA; Hughes COLIN MOY; Arnie Landstone PHIL VAUGHAN; Hemi XAVIER HORAN; Davo CRAIG GEENTY; Gazza BRETT COUTTS; Steve Fanshawe BEN BARRINGTON; Mrs Marlowe ELIZABETH McRAE; Len Carson JASON FITCH; Barbara REBECCA SWANEY; Dena Clarke JULIA HYDE; Ray Neilson JASON HOYTE; Gloria Ginsberg JODIE RIMMER
Writer: Tim Balme
First aired: Sunday 27th of September 2015
Year: 2015
Runtime: 2hr