The Brokenwood Mysteries

Main Pana Hema Taylor as Jared


Jared is young, Maori and on the fringes of the law.  It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing – it always looks like Jared’s up to no-good.  Of course, he’s always got an excuse to justify his actions.  Despite the fact that his protestations often seem implausible, that they’re often bizarre – Jared’s delivery is so direct and beguiling – that you just can’t help believing that they must be true.  And usually they are.  Usually.

Jared’s family has lived in or around Brokenwood for as long as anyone knows.  In recent years, he’s avoided the urban drift that has swept up most of his cousins to stay put on his family land on the outskirts of Brokenwood.  He loves the place.  Jared understands how the town and its inhabitants work.  He knows everyone and they know him.  He wants nothing but the best for this town, even if that means having to do a few dodgy things now and then… just to move everyone into the position that’s best for them – i.e. to make sure everyone has an easy, happy life.  That’s what Jared’s all about.

He becomes Mike's neighbor when Mike takes over Gary's place, and his light and breezy ways means that before long he shares sunsets, beers and mysteries with Mike.  Mike may get Jared to do work on the vineyard – and because of his local knowledge, he may get him to do minor detective work.  Even go undercover – illegally of course.  He's incredibly handy to have around - a bit like a grown up son, but without having to do the 25 hard years of parenting.

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